Timo System

Timo Therapy Plate

More than just a balance pad


The Timo system impresses above all with its versatility. Timo fulfils all requirements for the exercising and improvement of balance and postural control, as well as active exertion of strength and supporting activity in the upper extremities.

The designing of the therapy modules as games motivate the patients, of particular therapeutic relevance here is the continual integration of the external focus.


The Most Important Benefits of the Timo Therapy Plate Counted on One Hand

  • All-in-one package: applications in the most varied of starting positions
  • Possible to carry out static and dynamic measurements and/or therapies
  • Suitable for in-patient, out-patient and home therapy
  • Thinnest therapy plate in the world
  • Very versatile – simple to use


Measurements & therapeutic applications

Timo can be used for static strength measurements, for strength measurements with an elastic pad and as a mobile board with selective axes of movement. Consequently you can address the respective deficits of the patients during therapy in a playful and highly personalised manner. The respective assessments enable a complete follow-up and documentation.


The distribution of forces can be measured and different types of therapy can be applied with the patient standing upright, sitting and supporting himself/herself.


When a rolling element is put underneath it, Timo® can be moved around and enables you to diagnose and train the equilibrium and/or balance of your patients.