Pablo System

More possibilities. More Motivation.

The Multiple Treatment System for Therapy, Evaluation and Documentation



The Pablo   System opens up new perspectives and variations in motor rehabilitation at a function and activity level. The system solution includes the Pablo sensor handle, the Pablo®Plus Multiball, the Pablo®Plus Multiboard and other accessories and above all the core of the system: the Pablo  software. The latter enables therapy, evaluation and documenting.

The extremely compact and handy Pablo® provides a package of possibilities:

  • To help patients with motor disabilities of their hands or arms
  • Device for measuring and therapy
  • Enables the most diverse gripping motions of the human hand
  • Measures the range of movement of the arm with its integrated position sensors

The Most Important Benefits of Pablo Counted on One Hand

  • Completely new type of treatment, based on up-to-date neuroscientific findings and  economic considerations
  • Neurological and orthopaedic motor limitations can be treated
  • Suitable for stationary, ambulatory and home treatment
  • Exciting and motivating rehabilitation
  • For children and adults












Pablo Plus

Rehabilitation of Hand, Arm and Shoulder Functions


Pablo Plus is an extension of the Pablo and provides the possibility of actively training all parts of the upper limbs. The therapy options which can be combined in numerous variations make the rehabilitation phase continuously interesting and motivating for the patient.

What is behind Pablo Plus?

Neuroscience, empirical, technical and economic considerations were incorporated into the development of Pablo®Plus .
The result is a multiple treatment system in which unite the content of modern evidence-based practices with motivational aspects (“fun factor”) and ICF-based assessment and documentation capabilities.

The Pablo Plus System

The Pablo Plus System, consists of the Pablo , the Pablo Plus Multiboard and the Pablo Plus Multiball. The Pablo  is simply connected via a USB interface to the PC. Each of the individual Pablo Plus elements offers a multi-variant applicability for all phases of rehabilitation.