Amadeo System

For All Phases of Neurological Rehabilitation of the Finger and Hand





A new era in therapy for neurological diseases is achieved with Amadeo.

The Amadeo System is a modern, mechatronic rehabilitation device in the field of robotic neurorehabilitation. It is used in the rehabilitation of patients exhibiting motor dysfunctions of the distal upper extremity.

  • Target-oriented exercises on the device help to improve motor functions of patients with restricted movement in individual fingers or in the whole hand.
  • The patient rapidly gains a new quality of life due to the therapy
    program customized to his/ her individual requirements.
  • The therapist selects from a number of different modules according to
    the progress made during the therapy and can also choose between
    completely passive, assistive or active variations.

The Amadeo  system is the only mechatronic finger rehabilitation device available on the market that allows each individual finger, including the thumb, to move independently and separately.


Why Robot Assisted Excercise Therapy?

  • up to 80% of all stroke patients show motor dysfunction
  • over 50% of all stroke patients have residual paralysis, especially of Arm & Hand

In addition to the established physiotherapy and ergo therapy, recent studies show “mechanically-enhanced” movement therapy to be the most promising way to shorten the duration of therapy and even to increase the quality of the therapy.

  • Patented mechanism of the Amadeo a natural gripping movement is recreated and impressed on the patient‘s hand
  • Brain begins, stimulated by the hand and finger movements, to organize or reorganize motor functions
  • Intensive training with a high frequency of gripping movements
  • Amadeo® supports exactly the intensity which is needed
  • Significant improvement of the motor functions of stroke patients was achieved by mechanically-enhanced rehabilitation in comparison to conventional physiotherapy and ergo therapy
  • Simultaneous reduction of spasticity
  • The patient is aided in finding back to the greatest possible natural range of movement of their hand
    • Quality of the therapy increases
    • Therapy times are reduced

Advantages of the Amadeo

The most important Benefits of Amadeo counted on one hand

  • Constant and ergonomic simulation of the gripping movement
  • Ideal for use in all phases of neurological rehabilitation
    (passive therapy, assistive therapy, active and interactive therapy)
  • Measurement of the isometric forces and range of movement
    high flexibility – easy to use for different patients
  • Integrated biofeedback in real time
  • Highly adjustable – easy application