Rehabilitation Equipment

  • Alfa
  • Sigma
  • Gamma
  • Back Tensor
  • Arm Tensor
  • Knee Tensor
  • Leg Tensor
  • Mini Tensor
  • Pragma
  • Omega
  • Prima DOC
  • Gemu 3


Product Description


Alfa is a simple yet comprehensive BIOFEEDBACK devices for testing, measuring and training the patient balance system.


Balance platform Sigma is a modern device designed for balance and proprioception training. Exercises performed on this platform aim to simulate elements of the muscoloskeletal and nervous system responsible, i.a. for the control of balance.


Gamma dynamographic platform is a modern device constructed for evaluation and training of the neuromuscular coordination, weightdistribution and balance.


Back Tensor

Elastic-Resistance Apparatus for Active Spine Re-education througt Recovery of Abdominal Structures. The Back Tensor apparatus allows performing muscle strenghthening exercises without undesired effects on hiè flexor muscles and adverse consequences for the rachis.

Arm Tensor

The ARM Tensor apparatus is ideal for exercises and tests on intra-extra rotation of shoulder performed either in bipodalic orthostatism or in seated postion.

Knee Tensor

Knee tensor – innovative apparatus permits the muscles of the lower limb to be exercised thought an analytical strengthening work involving both the femoral quadriceps and the knee flexors.


Leg Tensor

The LEG Tensor is an innovative apparatus for Close Kinetic Chain exercises (CKC), specifically designed to allow lower limbs to perform concentric, eccentric and pilometric work. The LEG Tensor unit utilises as resistance a series of elastic bands allowing a fine adjustment of working loads.

Mini Tensor

Mini Tensor – To prevent significant losses of functionality and the ability to work directly on the patient’s bed or wheelchair reduces the time necessary for reeducation and accelerates the healing process.


Pragma is a device enabling shaping and influencing our muscular system. ALl muscles can be developed individually and collectively in any way. Thanks Pragma, we can increase strenght, endurance and muscle mass.



Omega is a system of columns to resistance exercises is used in rehabilitation for many years. The device allows for individual adjustment of the load for exercises in various conditions (with resistance, concentric exercises, excentric exercises, functional exercises).

Prima DOC

This is a compact, user-friendly, cost-effective unit, developed to optimise the advantages of isokinetic method. The Prima DOC utilises a hydraulic brake to improve the movement fluidity while ensuring the patient’s complete safety.

Gemu 3

set for exercise in suspension is widely used for various exercise for different pathologies of movement system. It is used fot orthopedic, neurologic, rheumatologic patients.